October 2024



Introduction to Genetically Altered models

The unit will provide an introduction to basic genetically altered terminology and processes. It is intended to provide those with little experience in the area with the knowledge they need to access more complex methodologies in the creation, maintenance and use of genetically altered strains.

Hybrid learning – Face to face day on the 7th October at Advance Training centre, Zoom 11-12 on the 21st October and the 4th November 2024. 

You will cover

  • History of the mouse in genetic research
  • Inbred mouse strains
  • Breeding and maintaining stocks
  • Maintaining genetic integrity/spontaneous mutations
  • Outbred strains and uses
  • Introduction to other laboratory species- fish, poultry
  • Principles of genotypes

Key Skills you will develop

  • An understanding of the historical development of GA models
  • Knowledge and understanding of the importance of background information of GA models
  • Ability to describe methods for creating and maintaining GA models
  • An understanding of why mice are widely used in animal research including the history of laboratory mice
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Course Details

  • Course Length: 150 hours
  • Credits: 15
  • Unit Number: U4.13
  • Teacher: Michelle Stewart & Sara Wells



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