January 2024



Developing Communication skills

This unit will develop the learner’s ability to communicate in a range of situations relevant to their workplace and ensure that those completing it can effectively deliver information in a professional manner across a range of situations.

Hybrid learning – Face to Face in the Advance Training Centre on the 16th January, half day zoom on the 19th January, half day Face to Face in the Advance Training Centre on the 30th January.

You will cover

  • Models of communication
  • Forms of communication
  • Data protection

Key Skills you will develop

  • Ability to evaluate and apply models of communication  
  • Identify potential barriers to effective communication and apply suitable solutions  
  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the routes of communication used
  • Ability to effectively present information to individuals and groups, in writing and orally, in person and at a distance using technology such as Zoom 
  • Identify effective communication strategies for a range of different stakeholders 
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Course Details

  • Course Length: 200 hours
  • Credits: 20
  • Unit Number: U4.6
  • Teacher: Kathy Stiff

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