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Level 4

Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Diploma

Our Level 4 Diploma is the first step in gaining higher education qualifications in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology (LAS&T).

Level 5

Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Diploma

Our Level 5 Diploma continues on from Level 4 and provides a more comprehensive look at subjects

Level 6

Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Diploma

Our Level 6 Diploma continues on from Level 5 and upon successful completion you will gain a full IAT HE Diploma.

IAT Fellowship

For level 6 graduates

Students that have completed a Level 6 Diploma are eligible for IAT Fellowship. Become a Fellow to receive exclusive benefits and become available for election to council.

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About our Diplomas

We offer level 4 – 6 IAT Diplomas in Laboratory Animal Science and Technology (LAS&T). Our Diploma courses follow on from IAT levels 1 – 3. We have split our qualification into three Diplomas (level 4-6) to allow students the freedom to progress to the level that suits them best. You will receive an IAT Diploma certificate upon completion of each year, culminating in a gaining a full IAT HE Diploma  in LAS&T on completion of your third year. There is no obligation to complete all 3 years and you can take a break between levels, returning to study when the time is right for you.

What will I learn?

Each level comprises 4 different learning units. Each unit will focus on a subject relating to animal research and/or the roles and responsibilities within an animal research facility. Each subject will help you develop key skills that will improve your performance in the work place, provide you with a detailed understanding of the topic at hand and teach you how to apply those principles to improve animal welfare.

How long will I be studying?

In part, how long you study for is up to you. Each Diploma is taught over 1 year, the 4 units will be taught in separate teaching blocks that typically run over 4 consecutive days. This way you do not have to make a weekly commitment to attending a teaching session and instead, can take a short break from work to complete the teaching block in just a few days. Units are usually spaced out over the year and because our Diplomas are split into individual levels, you will not be committed to 3 consecutive years of study and will achieve a Diploma certificate for each year completed.

Even though the taught classes are part-time, our expert tutors will always be available to support you in your studies through email, video calls or telephone.

How will a Diploma benefit me?

Studying LAS&T diplomas will equip you with the knowledge needed to excel in the world of laboratory animal care and welfare. Our Diplomas are perfect for those working in animal research who want to take their career to the next step, especially if you aspire to achieve a supervisory or management position within a research facility. Our Diplomas cover topics ranging from animal biology and experimental design, to the design and management of an animal facility. Complete all three levels in LAS&T to gain a full IAT HE Diploma and become eligible for IAT Fellowship.

Unable to access higher education because of financial reasons?

We work with AS-ET, an educational charity that can provide funding to those that are unable to cover the costs of a course/courses. AS-ET is a registered charity that was created with the objective of distributing grants in order to advance education and promote excellence in the care and welfare of animals in science.

Please bear in mind that the number of bursaries available from AS-ET are limited.

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