February 2025



Advanced animal husbandry, care and enrichment practices

This unit will enable learners to understand the principles of animal care (including those pertinent to laboratory animals such as supplementary regimes), housing, handling and biosecurity.

Hybrid learning – Combination of Zoom sessions and Face to Face days at the Advance Training Centre and Oxford University BMS. Dates: 28th Feb, 10th, 24th March, 11th, 25th April 2025.

You will cover

  • Environmental conditions
  • Housing and routines
  • Non-specific and specific defence
  • Disease control

Key Skills you will develop

  • An understanding of the use of refined methods for handling animals and an appreciation of why these methods are preferred over others
  • A thorough understanding of appropriate housing and how animal welfare is maintained in the animal unit
  • An understanding of different types of enrichment, its uses and how to develop an enrichment regime
  • An understanding of the basis of biosecurity efforts, the risks and possible causes of infection outbreaks
  • An understanding of the types of barriers and how to maintain and monitor them
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Course Details

  • Course Length: 200 hours
  • Credits: 20
  • Unit Number: U4.12
  • Teacher: James Bussell



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