November 2024



Managing and Driving Individual Performance

The purpose of this unit is to develop the learners skills in handling difficult conversations around performance. This unit aims to ensure that those completing it can effectively manage and drive improvements in the performance of individual team members.

Hybrid learning – Zoom 4th November, Face to Face 11th November at the Advance Training Centre. 

You will cover

  • Handling difficult conservations
  • Engagement
  • Performance management
  • Conflict

Key Skills you will develop

  • An understanding of the causes of, and approaches to handling, difficult conversations
  • An understanding of how to set performance targets that are clearly understood by team members
  • Ability to recognize the value of feedback and choose from a range of models that ensure it is given effectively
  • Ability to effectively address poor performance or non-compliance issues
  • Ability to engage successfully with colleagues to address both existing and potential conflicts
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Course Details

  • Course Length: 150 hours
  • Credits: 15
  • Unit Number: U6.8
  • Teacher: Kathy Stiff



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