September 2024



Thesis / project

The aim of this unit is to allow the learner to demonstrate the broad range of skills and knowledge they have in the field of animal technology.

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You will cover

  • Project selection: discussion of project feasibility with supervisor
  • Project planning including construction of hypotheses and statistical design
  • Pilot study, revision of project planning
  • Literature search
  • Experimental work
  • Project analysis
  • Research: to conduct a unique piece of work; planned, organized, executed and reported from start to finish by the student, on a topic relevant to their work
  • Report: to produce a written report which is clear, accurate and organised in a form that would be suitable for submission to a scientific journal
  • Information technology skills, data analysis and interpretation skills
  • Submission of interim report
  • Submission of final report

Key Skills you will develop

  • Ability to design, develop, run and report an original piece of work
  • Ability to devise and carry out a suitable piece of original research related to their work
  • Ability to develop practical skills including observation, measurement and manipulative skills
  • Ability to design and carry out suitable experimental work or literature reviews, apply data analysis and information
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Course Details

  • Course Length: 300 hours
  • Credits: 30
  • Unit Number: U6.7
  • Teacher:



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