This is a mandatory course for IAT Fellowship eligibility.

This unit provides a relevant level of understanding of the national and international legal and regulatory framework within which projects are constructed and managed, and of their legal responsibilities. The learner must be able to identify, understand and respond appropriately to the ethical and welfare issues raised by the use of animals in scientific procedures generally, and specifically within their own programme of work. The learner should be able to develop, direct and control a programme of work in order to achieve its stated objectives, while ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of any regulation governing the project.

Face to Face learning – 4-7th March 2025 at Advance. 

You will cover

  • Legislation and good practice
  • Project applications
  • Experimental Design
  • Statistical techniques
  • Ethics

Key Skills you will develop

  • Ability to describe in detail the main components of the national legislation regulating the scientific use of animals
  • Ability to describe the principles of a good scientific strategy that are necessary to achieve robust results
  • Ability to justify on both scientific and ethical grounds, the decision to use living animals
  • Ability to implement the Three Rs